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Welcome to JTRF

A Letter from our Pastor

You Can’t Be Replicated. Never. Ever. Not In A Zillion Light Years.

You are one-of-a-kind. So, deep within, you are yearning for something - that makes you so distinct from everyone else. It’s something hidden and new for you. Something different. Something grand. It’s something you know you ought to have and are excited to impart to those around you - who, in turn, would discover theirs & do the same. [Ironically, you may not even know you need it.] But definitely, it’s “out-of-this-world” - because we’re absolutely certain it has a lot to do with what God would love for you to know and that only you can use to advance His Kingdom on earth. It is that “God Factor”. It may be the benevolent “Passion” or the dormant “Gift”. The hidden “Talent” or the distint “Skill” perhaps. But whatever that may be, it’s something that only God can use to the optimum for His Glory & Honor. We’re positive that it’s exclusively God has for you. It’s the thing that will propel you to be the best you can be. Today, tomorrow, for a lifetime!

We, the Family at Jesus The Rock Fellowship (JTRF), would love to partner with you and pray with you to help you find what you’ve been longing for - only through the intimacy with God. Together, we will turn our world right side up as God originally intended it to be. Changed lives is changed society. And eventually a changed world.

We look forward to meeting and being with you here at our church and in eternity with God - who desires that the entire humanity would personally experience and enjoy His Love, Forgiveness & Grace - made possible only through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ shed on our behalf.

God Richly Bless You & Godspeed!
Ptr. Glorioso & Sis. Ovelyn DeLeon

Are you new to our Church?
We are excited to welcome you!! If you have not yet worshipped with us, we invite you to join us in our beautiful church sanctuary in #2 Denman Avenue, Clark, NJ 07036. It is our desire that you feel warmly greeted and welcomed as you enter our doors. We pray that you will be comfortable in our midst, want to worship with us weekly, and get involved in our church activities so we can get to know you. We hope that will lead you to feel “at home” and eventually desire to join our fellowship. We look forward to having you with us next Sunday!

Are you interested in learning more about Jesus The Rock Fellowship? Perhaps you’re interested in joining?
If so, please call us or email us and let us know. Some Newcomers make a decision to join at this time. We hope you will, too! We hope to see you soon!

Phone: (908) 587-2396
or yet fill in our Contact Form when your prayer is answered, so we could all rejoice and give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God!

For more info about what type of ministries our church offer, please visit the Ministries page.

Directions to our church

From the North:
- At exit 135, keep RIGHT onto Ramp towards Clark / Westfield 0.1
- Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp towards Rahway / Linden < 0.1
- At roundabout, take the THIRD exit onto Brant Ave 0.2
- Keep STRAIGHT onto CR-13 [Brant Ave] 0.3
- Turn RIGHT (West) onto Westfield Ave 0.1
End: Arrive 2 Denman Ave, Clark, NJ 07066

From the South:
- At exit 135, keep RIGHT onto Ramp towards Clark / Westfield 0.1
- Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp towards Brant Ave / Rahway 0.1
- Bear RIGHT (South) onto CR-13 [Brant Ave] 0.3
- Turn RIGHT (West) onto Westfield Ave 0.1
End: Arrive 2 Denman Ave, Clark, NJ 07066

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